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  • Colin Jordan

    Colin Jordan

    Award Winning PR Professional / BI Top 50 in Tech PR / Silicon Valley Native / Passions are Business, Tech & Sports

  • Rick Allen

    Rick Allen

    Media/Tech CEO; ex-Clinton White House; writer & speaker. Lucky to climb the Great Pyramid, dive on a sunken city, & pull alligators out of the Everglades.

  • Barbara Clark

    Barbara Clark

    Retired international educator, author, law of attraction life coach and deliberate giggler! Certified Infinite Possibilities Trainer & Hawkeye fan!

  • Eric Weidner

    Eric Weidner

    Co-founder of Workbox, a web design, development & online marketing shop.

  • Richard Luebke

    Richard Luebke

    iOS apps developer, @nasatweetup STS-133 attendee, doing Fiber to the home

  • Sean Gardner

    Sean Gardner

    World Traveler, Executive Board Member @FreeNPTech; Global Keynote Speaker, #GivingTuesday Ambassador; producing a film with Hollywood actor @RashaGoel.

  • francine hardaway

    francine hardaway

    Co-founder, Stealthmode Partners, helping entrepreneurs succeed

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