Tilt Brush Tools and Brushes January 2020

I’ve been looking for a good way to familiarize people with Google Tilt Brush tools and brushes before they jump into this 3D virtual reality painting application and this is what I’ve come up with. I’ve created a few screenshots to help people get to know the options currently available.

There are three main tool areas to Tilt Brush: File Tools, Colors, and Brushes. If you are familiar with Adobe Photoshop, I call Tilt Brush “Photoshop on a stick” because the tools sit as spinning panels on a stick and you use your other controller to point to these tools and select them. Once you’ve made a selection you can paint with that selection controller/hand.

If you aren’t familiar with Photoshop, no problem! Let’s look at all of the options, starting with all of the exciting brushes you can use. These are the best part of Tilt Brush in my opinion. Start thinking beyond “ink” or “oil paint” (yes, it has those too) but you’re going to be painting with earthly elements like fire, smoke, snow, and electricity and much more!

There are 4 pages of brushes, navigate through them using the arrows at the bottom of the brush pages.

Page 1 includes these brushes: Oil Paint, Ink, Thick Paint, Wet Paint, Marker, Tapered Marker, Pinched Marker, Highlighter, Flat, Tapered Flat, Pinched Flat, and Soft Highlighter brushes.

Tilt Brush Brushes — Page 1
Page 1 — Brush Samples

Page 2 includes these brushes: Light, Fire, Embers, Smoke, Snow, Rainbow, Stars, Velvet Ink, Wave Form, Splatter, Duct Tape, and Paper.

Tilt Brush Brushes — Page 2
Page 2 — Bush Samples

Page 3 includes these brushes: Coarse Bristles, Dr. Wigglez, Electricity, Streamers, Hypercolor, Bubbles, Neon Pulse, Cell Vinyl, Hypergrid, Light Wire, Chromatic Wave, and Dots

Tilt Brush Brushes — Page 3
Page 3 — Brush Samples

Page 4 includes these brushes: Petal, Icing, Toon, Wire, Spikes, Lofted, Disco, Comet, Shiny Hull, Matt Hull, Unlit Hull, and Diamond.

Tilt Brush Brushes — Page 4
Page 4 — Brush Samples

Next, here is the Color Picker. You can view the Color Picker as a circle or a square and find tones and colors. You can also save colors by clicking the plus sign “+” below the color wheel when you have a preferred color selected and go on adding those to make up a nice palette.

Tilt Brush — Color Picker

Here are the File Tools which are for Saving and Uploading or Clearing your sketch.

Tilt Brush — File Tools

Here are the Main Tools for Erasing and Selecting your strokes, Teleporting, and using the Mirror to make reflections and the Straightedge to make perfectly straight lines.

Tilt Brush — Main Tools

Lastly, here are Advanced Tools to change the Environment, play with the lighting, Backdrop, use Guides (shapes you can use to create perfect circles and other shapes), and the Poly Library which are models other people have made that you can pull into your sketches.

Tilt Brush — Advanced Tools

I hope this has been helpful! There is much more to learn about Tilt Brush. For great videos on How To Tilt Brush see videos by Sabby Lighf here:

How To Tilt Brush by Sabby Lighf

What would you like to learn next? Send me a note!

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